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Bentley may certainly be called the definition of terms high-class and luxury which can be found in places where you expect them to find the least. Every detail in Bentley cars comes along with great style including all those glimmering rims, chrome steel bulk and many other things which grab attention. This auto is associated with expensive yacht at French Riviera or golden Rolex. This brand is certainly the most luxurious automaker in the world proving that high class costs a lot. However, the company faces lots of obstacles on the way of its development. Financial difficulties were rather common and it only innovative ideas and strategic decisions made it possible for the brand to stay on the market.

The company was officially founded by Walter Owen Bentley in 1919. He couldn’t even imagine that his brainchild was doomed to become a symbol of Great Britain producing cars for the Queen. The start was rather good but in 1925 the founder had to sell the company due to first financial obstacles resulted in the Great Depression. In spite of rather tough situation new owner decided not to change the strategy and benefit from manufacturing expensive vehicles.

However, all efforts of new owners were hopeless to improve the situation. If it was not for Rolls-Royce in 1931 the company would have probably declared bankruptcy. This year the brand produced its legendary Blue Train Bentley model with Barnato winning prestigious race and making it possible for the company to get leading positions back. Several new engines have been presented at the London Auto Show. Eventually Bentley was once again on top of the automotive market. R, S and Continental models are still the most popular and iconic ones. Few people in the world can afford buying them. Currently the company is owned by VW and produces sports coupes apart from luxury sedans.

One will hardly argue that purchasing a new Bentley is a dream for the biggest part of humanity. And used models are not acquired to correct the situation. Nevertheless, you can search for the most appropriate variant on pre-owned vehicles market. The only thing you should always remember about is to check the information by Bentley VIN number before you complete the purchase. Bentley VIN decoder is a reliable source of all necessary information about the vehicle. You only need to check with all symbols contained in the code with the help of our Bentley VIN lookup service.

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