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Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer whose offerings have acquired a solid reputation thanks to their sporty driving peculiarities and passionate design.

Company was established in 1906 by French organization of Alexandre Darracq releasing automobiles in cooperation with several Italian investors. In 1909 Alfa Romeo employed a designer Giuseppe Merosi who invented advanced car models. Company actively participated in auto racing practically since its establishment. Afterwards it was modified into a division of Fiat group. In 2007 trademark was modified into contemporary Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. presenting Fiat group`s subsidiary.

Model P2 Grand Prix has been recognized as the World Championship`s winner in 1925 which later turned into company`s trademark. In construction of this model manufacturer used lightweight alloy complemented with semicircular combustion chamber. Besides, designers placed spark plugs, two innovative valves and two camshafts in the middle of innovative auto car. Improved design variant has proved its reliability and powerfulness.

Company pursued numerous technological developments and frequently referred to the first firms using advanced technologies. The manufacturer established a tradition to test new car models in racing circuit. Alfa Romeo band presents a principal character of essential chapters in motoring history and encompasses a long story of automotive design, races and engines that present technological and sporting milestones of the previous century. Alfa Romeo has confidently established itself as developer and provider of engines.

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