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Infinity is a well-known brand which focused on producing luxury cars only. The trademark was officially established in 1989 as luxury division of Nissan brand. The main idea was to conquer American luxury car segment. It was a rather hard challenge taking into account the fact that other Japanese major automakers made the same ting establishing Acura (Honda) and Lexus (Toyota). Nevertheless, Infinity found its way to the top of the automotive market establishing a global network.

Infinity started gaining popularity on the US market with a speed of tsunami. The first model to be sold was Q45. Though sale rate was not as high as it was accepted due to bad advertisement, it gave a hint how to develop further ad where to push on. It was decided to make second ad campaign as powerful; as possible. Lots of money was invested to promote another model that was based on Nissan platform. As a result iconic SUV FX and G37 immediately conquered luxury car market. They took it by storm with a sporty look, fresh design and exception powerful characteristic. Such strategy helped to make Infinity badge one of the most recognizable over the globe.

Clever ad campaign followed by badging and innovations made it possible for the brand to suppress such veterans of luxury auto market as Lincoln and Cadillac. From that moment Infinity headed towards European market. By the middle of 90’s another great model was presented to the public. It was legendary QX4. From that moment Infinity became the leading brand to produce luxury SUVs. It actually had no competitors in that segment. G35 and G37 continued the series during 2003. Now the brand has over 230 dealers in more than 15 countries all over the world.

Considering the fact that Infinity models represent luxury class, there can’t even be a thought to buy a new one unless you are a millionaire. However, used Infinity cars are still affordable though they may cost you a fortune. In such situation you should be as accurate as possible in order to buy a reliable auto. It won’t be possible without Infinity VIN decoder. Keep in mind that VIN validation is actually the only way to check with vehicle’s history and data. Our service offers several opportunities which will help you to look up a car by VIN number.

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