Articles and Tips for Used Car Buyers

Using VIN Search Free Tool in Order Not to Become a Victim of Used Car Scams

Purchasing a car can be stressful, especially if a car shopper considering a pre-owned car. You can never know what happened to a car before you purchased it. For that reason, always be suspicious when buying a second hand vehicle. Of course, there are many honest sellers, but some of them may hide from you some essential information.

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How to Reveal If You Are Purchasing a Stolen Vehicle: Stolen Car VIN Check

The last thing a car shopper wants is to purchase a stolen vehicle or those on hire purchase agreement. If a car you want to purchase is stolen, the police are most likely to return in to owner. If your car appears to be on hire purchase, it can be freely returned to the creditor or lender. Whatever the case, you are not guaranteed to be paid any compensation.

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VIN Number Look Up - What can a VIN tell about a car?

VINs have been used by automakers since 1954. However, it was not until 1981 that the ISO standardized VIN format and obliged all the manufacturers to use this 17-character code to identify each vehicle. Prior to 1981, manufacturers used their own formats, which varied in length and value of the symbols. That’s why vehicles of different makes could have the same VINs.

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