Mileage Check by VIN - Why Should I Consider the Mileage When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

There are many factors that should be considered when looking for a used car, including its history, condition, authenticity of auto parts, and many more. The mileage is another important thing you should pay attention to. Car shoppers should always do mileage check to get essential information about the vehicle’s condition. On our website, you can check your vehicle VIN and run VIN mileage check to ensure that you are buying exactly what you are expecting to get.

There is a common belief that the lower mileage a car has - the better. This fact should not be neglected, and here are the main advantages and shortcomings of low-mileage vehicles.


Lower Wear and Tear

Although this is not always true, in most cases lower mileage means better condition of car components. And longer components life will keep car’s ownership costs down.

However, if a car hasn't been maintained properly, it can turn out to be in worse condition than a car with higher mileage but with good service record.

Higher Resale Cost

If you are going to resell the car at some point, low mileage is one of the main factors that will influence its value. If you take a look at some of used car ads, you can notice that almost every seller or dealer advertises low miles. If you buy a car with higher mileage, you are less likely to sell it for attractive price. But don’t forget to ensure that there was no odometer rollback.


Cars should by driven regularly

Be suspicious if the seller offers older car with low miles. The thing is that cars have many rubber and plastic parts that may get brittle if not used regularly. In other words, a car should have adequate mileage corresponding to its year. Keep in mind that low mileage is not always better.

Higher pricing

Since low mileage is considered a great advantage for a used car, the price of these cars is often higher, sometimes a lot higher. As mentioned, if you are expecting to keep the mileage low and resell the car at some point, you are likely to get most of your money back. But if you are looking for a car for a long period, 20,000 miles and 40,000 miles may not cause much difference. The more you are going to drive, the less the mileage matters.

Whether you are going to buy a used car with high or low mileage, always check it for odometer fraud. Unfortunately, there are unfair sellers who perform odometer rollback to make it seems that a car has been driven less than it actually was.

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