Buying A Used Electric Vehicle

The economic value of electric cars has created a solid market for them.So if you are looking for a used electric vehicle, you are among a growing group.There are a number advantages to going electric other than the obvious savings in gas usage.Let’s examine a few of those advantages as well as some things to watch out for.


Although you will not get a tax break when buying a used electric car (as you would if you purchased a new one), you can get one for a great price.However, you can expect to find some great deals a pre-owned electric.Since manufacturers are increasing their marketing of electric and hybrid vehicles, the price of older ones are continually dropping.

Battery & Charging System

The money you save in reduce gas usage is all due to an electric car’s battery and charging system.So in order to make sure that those savings are achieved, you should have a third party mechanic inspect the battery and charging system.If there are problems with either, you could be looking at a four figure repair in the near future.In the event that there is a problem, you have a few options in your favor.You could negotiate a price drop or ask for the repair to be made before the purchase.Lastly, you could step away from the deal.

Resale Value

Currently, electric cars hold on to strong resale values because they are the minority on the road.Yet, as that changes no one can tell. One thing that you can do if you are worried about your resale value is to care for the vehicle well and track your saving in regards to fuel.This could show you how much the vehicle has help you save over the years.

As with any used vehicle purchase, it always the best protocol to do your homework before buying.A test drive, mechanical inspection, and a Vindecoder vehicle history report are the three best tools to equip yourself with during the buying process.Our vehicle history reports always contain the most accurate and detailed information about the vehicles they cover.