Tips for Choosing the Right Body Shop

Every car owner sooner or later faces the need to select a reliable body shop. The reasons are multiple from accident repairs to refinishing of car parts. It can be water damage, rust, collision, corrosion, etc. Whatever the reason, choosing the right shop is of great importance.

Many drivers in such situations rely on insurance companies. However, it is firstly your responsibility to find a shop which will provide services to you, and this choice should not be made light-heartedly. Your expenses and quality of works depend on this choice.

Follow these tips to make the right decision.

• It’s better to find a body shop before you really need it. You will make a better decision if you are not in hurry or in stress.

• Ask your friends or other experienced drivers for recommendations. Word-of-mouth reputation may seem a bit outdated, but it is still valuable.

• Get advice from a local consumer organization concerning the body shop in question. Find out if there were complaints and how they were resolved.

• Visit the body shop in person before making the final decision. If it seems that something is wrong with this company, don’t regret spending more time on further search.

Once you are at the shop, be sure to consider the following tips:

  1. Ensure you are dealing with a neat, properly-organized company that uses up-to-date equipment. Car manufacturers often recommend specific equipment and procedures for the repair of their cars. Find out if the body shop can provide them.
  2. Ask for how long this company is in business.
  3. Find out if the shop you’ve chosen handles your car make and model.
  4. Reliable body shops will have friendly staff willing to help you.
  5. If you have a chance to see the cars being repaired, pay attention to the way the cars are being handled. Are you impressed with it?
  6. Customer/civic/community service awards are also good signs of professionalism.
  7. Ensure that the shop staff is competent. Good signs of this are diplomas and certificates.
  8. Ask about payment policies, methods of payment and guarantees.
  9. Keep in mind that the best proof of the shop reliability is professionalism and the competence of its technicians.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find a trusted and well-reputed body shop that provides the highest quality services.

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