5 Sounds Showing Your Car Needs Repairing

Does your car make any strange sounds? Probably, it needs one of these repairs.

Cars have never been so reliable as now, but even today they ought to be maintained regularly. Lots of drivers never notice their auto needs to be repaired until something goes wrong, especially when the sounds it makes change.

Find out how these five weird sounds confirming car damage can be explained:

1. Braking causes squealing, screeching

Possible repairs: New brake pads, surface reconditioning or replacement of a rotor

This usually means that the braking system is worn. As a result the pad does not work properly creating too much heat and noise. Some factories offer brake wear indication system that makes this sound, signaling it is time to replace brake pads.

You need other brake pads, surface reconditioning or changing the brake rotors. This will prevent your car from further damage and enable you to stop safely.

Price: It depends on your model, the mechanics, and work needed. Possible price varies from $150 to $400 for an axle. If rotors need to be reconditioned or changed, the cost will be much higher.

2. Grinding as a result of braking

Possible repairs: Other brake pads, calipers, rotors

If grinding appears when you press the brake pedal it implies new pads should have been installed or there is something interfering with proper functioning of brake rotors. The brake pads may be old or contact with rotors in a wrong way. One may expect something worse, e.g. friction between pistons or calipers and the rotor.

The noise appearing when you brake is in fact the need for pads and other rotors. If you’re aware of it and delay repairing, your car is endangered. He says that if you ignore this, the caliper, brake hydraulics or grind will be damaged ruining brakes.

Deterioration of the brake material, which leads to brake failure, is defined by this sound.

Price: Again, the cost depends on your car make and the problem, so prepare the sum varying from $300 to $1,000 for an axle and stop safely.

3. Rumbling, sputtering exhaust noise

Possible repairs: repairing of exhaust system, exhaust elements change

“If a louder noise than before comes from underneath of a car, there might be a hole in an automobile’s exhaust system,” Stallings informs. Perhaps, a corroded pipe segment of your car should be changed, a new muffler has to be attached or a loose pipe needs to be reattached.

Responsible for reducing pollution of vehicle emissions has to work, even more repairs might be needed. “If the rattle sounds like shaking rocks when you stop, your catalytic convertor is likely to have defects,” he says.

Price: Neutralizing a simple damage may cost $100, but it depends on the type of your problem. As Stallings claims, a catalytic converter costs from $150 to $600 or even up to $1,500 if it is an import vehicle or a truck.

4. Chirping from under the hood

Possible repairs: Another drive belt

It’s often noisy when one first starts a car or revs it up, it squeals even louder. Threatening sounds may be intensified if you turn on A/C. It is among simple repairs and another one is rather cheap, so hurry over.

The possibility of losing the latter one is the most important reason why you ought to do it quickly. When the belt is broken, one should not drive as it leads to overheating.

Price: The price of replacing it varies from $75 to $200.

5. A car growls, hums or roars as you drive

Possible repairs: Wheel bearings, other tires

Tires can become very noisy if the fact of deterioration is clear. Their growling or roaring may also mean something much more displeasing: a poor wheel bearing.

“A consumer can easily define the exact problem. Wheel should be moved backward and forward when he changes lanes at the speed which is constant,” Stallings reports. “If it is noiseless, but the sound comes back when you go straight again, you are likely to have low grade bearings.”

Find it out quickly, as this problem may lead to a vehicle not functioning and impossibility to move further.

Price: As it depends on application, design and vehicle, try to find the best variant. The price varies widely, too – from $150 to $750 for a wheel.