Reading Motorcycle VIN with Motorcycle VIN decoder

Motorcycle VIN number,consisting of 17 symbols, is a sort of code to your vehicle’s history and background information. This code reveals the motorcycle manufacturer, year, and country of origin, among other features.

Knowing what the VIN code is and where it is found is a must for every rider. This code appears both on the ride and on titles and registrations. Knowing your bike’s VIN is helpful when buying bike parts (to purchase the parts that fit your bike) and when purchasing/selling a used bike. If you are a buyer, motorcycle VIN number will let you know if your bike has been stolen, rebuilt or damaged, among other essential information. As a seller, you are more likely to find a buyer if you provide them a comprehensive VIN report.

VIN code may contain any digits and letter except for I, O and Q letters not to confuse them with similar-looking digits 1 and 0.

Motorcycle VIN decoder

VIN code consists of 3 sections. The first three symbols are the WMI, or the World Manufacturer Identifier. The first is for the country of the motorcycle origin, the second and the third name the manufacturer. For example, the US is 1 or 4, England is identified by S, and Canada is 2. Honda gets H, and Kawasaki K.

The next 6 characters reveal the bike’s features, including engine size, type, and sometimes model. These characters usually vary by manufacturer. The ninth position is always a digit which doesn’t reveal any information about the bike, but is used to verify the VIN. The tenth character tells the bike’s year of production, and the eleventh represents the assemble plant. The last 6 characters make up a kind of serial number.

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Motorcycle VIN code location

Although the motorcycle VIN is found on the bike’s title and registration docs, most riders keep these papers somewhere in their house. But it may happen that you need your VIN when on the road. For that reason, you should know how to locate it on the motorcycle itself. Generally, the VIN plate is placed on the steering neck, but some are found on the motor.

Now you know everything about the motorcycle VIN that every rider needs to know. Always check the bike’s VIN when purchasing a used bike to make a smart financial decision and get a bike with no hidden issues.