Determination of Airbag Deployment with VIN number reader

Many sellers are trying to fool their customers when selling pre-owned vehicles. The only way to avoid such treating is detailed examination of the car. You need to ensure that it has not been damaged before. Airbag deployment in this case is the first evidence of previous damages. VIN number database will make it easy to determine any possible malfunctions, repainting and restoration works that have taken place in the past.

Even if an airbag deployed, it needs total replacement together with its modules and electronic settings in order to provide another driver with full pack of safety precautions.

Airbag Deployment Detection – VIN number reader

You can choose from several methods that will let you determine if the airbag was deployed. VIN number reader is one of the best informational sources to gain all needed data on a particular used auto along with some other popular methods.

There Is Never Too Much Information

You never know whether a seller is fair with you. But it does not mean that you can’t require all necessary information from him. It may also include the airbag deployment along with previous accidents. Moreover, you can proceed with your own visual examination and notice some unevenness. For example, the body of the car has severe damages or there are some problems with a dash or airbag cover. VIN code reader will provide you with a detailed info whether the car has ever been damaged before.

Airbag Cover

The second thing you need to do is to examine the airbag cover. If it has any visual damages, it means it was deployed. On the other hand, if it looks fresh, it is another sign of previous accident. The only sign of perfect vehicle condition is SRS logo on the cover. It means that the airbag was not replaced or restored after the accident.


Dash can also tell you a lot about a used auto. For instance, if you notice it opened from a driver or passenger’s side, it is a sign of deployment. The same thing is with situation when the dash has been replaced.


Indicator light is the last but not the least thing you should certainly examine. The first step is to switch on the ignition. All indicators must be active including airbag light. It is a normal condition for any car. Now you need to start the engine and look at the indicator. If the light goes out, it’s OK. If not, the car is likely to have problems.

Always try to be as careful as possible hen buying a pre-owned car. Do not be afraid to ask for professional assist and examination.

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