How to Know the Engine Size by VIN

VIN number is given to every vehicle and tells lots of information about it, from make to model to engine to comprehensive car history. VINs became standardized in 1981, since that time each car maker is obliged to assign their vehicles 17-character VIN codes. Although there are certain variations depending on the car maker, each symbol of the code has its special meaning which can be easily decoded via VIN decoder.

As a car owner or car shopper, you may want to reveal moredata about the engine and other equipment and features of the vehicle. The fastest way to get this info is to use engine VIN decoder. Here are the main steps to follow:

Revealing engine size by VIN

1. Find the VIN. It’s commonly located on the registration and/or title documents. It is alsolocated on the vehicle, including on the following locations:

  • On the dashboard
  • In the door jam
  • On the firewall
  • On the engine/engine block
  • On the steering wheel/column

2. Find out what each letter and digit of the VIN means. You can find VIN code decode key at and The engine type is usually decoded in Vehicle Description Section, which consists of fourth to eighth characters. Depending on the model, year, make and some other features, engine description may be found in any of these positions.

3. Ensure that the year, model and car maker of your vehicle according to VIN report match the actual description of your car. The 2nd symbol of the VIN reveals the automaker, the 3d tells the model, the 10th tells the year.

4. Locate the engine code in the VIN. In most American cars, the 4th to 8th characters represent the VDS. This section helps identify engine type by VIN, body type and braking systems. However, certain imports like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and Porsche, often place the engine code on the engine itself.

5. Check the engine code. For most makes, you can find engine description at “VIN equipment codes" or "VIN View". You can also contact the dealership or any other independent car service center with your engine code and get comprehensive description of the engine.